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to answer what looks like the intent of the question, I think 8 rounds of .380 would drop your BG with a 45. however, if you had cover available, i would recommend using it in case he can turn and get a round or two out. a mag of 380 should be enough to kill the attacker, but we are talking about stopping power right? you want him to go down and drop the gun. even if you have the 45 and him the 380 there could be a chance of him turning on you and shooting back. shot placement is #1. I have a p3at myself and know from experience 20 feet is a long distance to that little gun, also you need to shoot it often with the ammo you intend to carry. i had a lot of extractor problems with mine for a while. there is a kel-tec owners group (google KTOG) and most problems on those little guns are easy to fix. if not there is always the warranty. Missing shot 1 and standing there with a jammed gun would certainly not be the answer. Hope I was helpful.
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