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Handgun / Shotgun Course $100.00

Golden Seal Enterprises will be hosting a DCJS (07R) Handgun and (08R) Shotgun DCJS # 88-1476
In-Service Course. For those who need to qualify for the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice Services PSS.

However Anyone who would like to shoot may attend this training and qualification. This will also be an alumni Range Day. This will include (2) hours of classroom instruction at GSE’s classroom in Winchester VA. 158 Front Royal Pike Suite #304 Winchester, Va. 22602 office phone # (540) 535-7325.

The range portion will be held at the Fredrick County Sheriffs Office Range in Winchester
this is 7 min from the classroom. For more in visit

DATE: Saturday April 12th 2008
TIME: in the classroom at 9:00am
COST: $100.00 Cash or Check only
INSTRUCTORS: Tom Perroni (DCJS) Brad Naylor (DCJS) Chris Pick

Gear List for the course:

1. Open Mind
2. Notebook & Pen
3. Handgun (We recommend Semi-autos)
4. Shotgun ( We recommend Remington 870)
5. Sling for the shotgun if you have one
6. Strong 2-3 inch wide belt
7. Strong side Hip Holster only directional draw (No cross draw or SOB holsters)
8. Or a Drop –Leg Holster
9. 3 High cap Magazines
10. Magazine Holder (for 2 spare magazines)
11. Flashlight & Holder ( Surefire Type)
12. Safety Glasses ( Clear)
13. Ear Protection Muff or Plug Type (We recommend electronic)
14. Cover Garment (Suit Jacket or Blazer or 5-11 vest) to draw from concealment
15. 300 rounds of Ammo for your Handgun
16. 100 rounds of Bird Shot, 50 rounds of Buck Shot, 25 slugs
17. Tactical Folding Knife
18. Cleaning Gear for your Gun’s
19. “GO” Bag (only If you have one)
20. Blow Out Kit or Jump Bag (only If you have one)

GSE will provide

1. 3 Instructors / Classroom Instruction
2. Classroom
3. Range
4. Targets
5. Blue Guns

NO Ammo will be sold at the range
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