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I'm going to assume that you mean a fully licensed and legally possessed suppressor. If you have one that is not legal then please take a welding torch to it and turn it into useless and unrecognizable scrap metal now! A felony arrest and conviction would just seriously suck.

Now assuming that it is legally in your possession it has one plus and only one plus, that is it may help protect hearing in the confined space of a home. It also has several bigtime minuses. 1) The size and weight at the end of the barrel will make your weapon less maneuverable in tight places. 2) You lose the psychological shock the BANG!!! inflicts on the bad guys. After all your goal is to stop the immediate threat and to drive his buddies off, not assassinate them. 3) Suppressors are viewed by society at large as an assassin's tool, and the local DA is going to have a field day roasting you slowly over the coals as he or she successfully paints you as a blood thirsty killer laying in wait. 4) I want that loud bang to alert my neighbors and the local police on patrol that I need help right now.

By the way a set of top quality tactical electronic muffs may do a better job than the suppressor. It leaves your hearing not only intact but amplified in stereo while the shot leaves the bad guys' ears ringing.
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