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Fantasy gun game

(admins, if there's a better forum, please move this thread)

Let's play the fantasy gun game.
Take any base gun, make it into what you want.
Post a picture, if you can.

I've been thinking about this one for awhile. I'd love to see Ruger expand their SP101 line, rather than shrink it. Here's the concept:

The Ruger Compact Double-Action Hunter:

A 6-inch barreled SP101 with adjustable rear sight and full-size grips. This one is obviously .22WMR. I'd love a .357 too. Why haul around a 6" GP100 for handgun hunting when 5 rounds are perfectly adequate?

The .22 version would have a convertible cylinder, of course.

(this was photoshopped from my 4" SP101 in .22LR w/ Badger grips)

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