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Most people do not want to trade emails. It's a good way to have a nutjob start bothering you. That is the reason for whom ever you are having the discussion with being reluctant to sending a email address.

As for Street Survival, right now I'm looking at that book in one of the book shelves in my office! It's a very good book.

I'm sure the NYPD is TRYING to read the tea leaves from what they get from their stats. Weither they go by average (50 percent) or 80 percentile or 90 percentile I dunno. I do know they tend to win most of their gunfights. But times change so they keep recording what they do.

The sad part is they have so many officers and so little time to train. And add the anti-gun atmosphere then you find it difficult to see many well trained officers.

Nothing is perfect.
"The government has confiscated all of our rights and is selling them back to us in the form of permits."
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