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Most new holsters for this era arent going to fit perfectly. They require some fitting. That is done by wetting the holster then fitting the gun to it. The wet leather will stretch and mould to the particular gun.

Cabelas has some pretty close copies of proper holsters.

Chatter on other forums mentions that they had good results with the slim jims from several sources after wetting and forming the '58 Remington guns to them.

I make my own holsters. They are all wet formed. I spray the gun well with WD40, wrap it in saran wrap, then push it in the wet holster. I then put the wet holster with gun in it in a dry towel and put the whole thing in a Food Saver bag and vacuum it down tight. I leave it over night, and take it out in the morning and remove the towel which has pulled excess water from the leather. Leave the gun in and let the leather dry and you should have a perfectly custom fit holster with little effort.

The point of TOW is that they have several pages of good pictures to give you some ideas. David Ripplinger there is very knowledgeable if you give him a call.
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