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You dont say what sorta camp you are going to. If you are going to carry a '58 Remmy, you should do it justice with an appropriate design for that gun and time period. Modern cheap holsters with brass snaps is a convolution of terms.

Go here: There are 4 pages of holsters and a number of them are decent patterns for your '58. You are likely looking at a military type holster, or you will be looking at a frontier/western holster which could be a slim jim or mexican loop design. The Lawrence type holsters did not begin to show up until WWI or after, the top straps and brass snaps being an Elmer Keith design of the 1930's. The quick draw holsters were strictly Hollyweird in the '40's and '50's.

Rattenbury in his book Packing Iron shows the holsters of the percussion days as being top flap military style or slim jim style. The slim jim could be with or without the mexican loop depending on how far west or south you wish to portray. Also, for you information, most of the revolver holsters of the frontier era were either made in El Paso, Texas, or Pueblo or Denver Colorado.
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