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longcoldwinter wrote:
Do people really carry around a medium size glock, 2 to 4 mags and a backup gun I mean really how the heck do you hump all that around on a regular basis.
A Glock plus two mags and a snubby or mini Glock in the pocket isn’t that big a deal.

The issue discussed is delicate to say the least, people feel strongly about their choices.

Just for the sake of clarity and to avoid some of the common clichés
“High capacity autos make you shot more and hit little”
At least for this discussion here, lets assume that the person is indifferently mature, relatively smart, and posses a certain degree of skill with firearms. Meaning: When discussing hypothetical situations, our hypothetical guy wont go blasting away like a fool just because he has more ammo.

I’ve even read people say that those that carry autos are inherently more violent compared to revolver guys, and more likely to choose to fire before it’s really the last option, just because they have an auto.

Lets just assume that autos don’t magically make you an idiot and revolvers don’t have mystical forces that automatically make you this wise, deadly accurate marksman with nerves of steel.

You can be a fool, you can be an awful operator, or the other way around, and the weapon of choice wont make any difference whatsoever.

While we are at it, there’s a common cliché that comes to mind right now, and does have relation with the ammo capacity your weapon posses.
“Only hits count”
We hear that and we nod silently, in respect to the wise, letters written in bronze.
Hold you horses my friends!!!
Only hits count does not mean you are not going to miss!
It can happen. Actually, statistically peaking you are very likely to miss more than a few rounds. So that’s one more reason for having extra ammo, even if you are hoping to need just a couple of shots, supposing you are lucky and fall within the favorable part of the statistics.

Another point regarding the good old “only hits count” .
Say I fire a bunch of rounds against and attacker. That attacker fleas.
Didn’t those rounds achieve their intended objective? I’m not advocates inaccuracy in any way. Just saying, at the end of the day, if you managed to achieve what you wanted, those shots fulfilled their purpose in my book.

Now for the real world case to use as an example.
Something similar happened here with a politician, ex military guy called Rico.
He was taking his girls to school early in the morning, and just as they exited the garage the daughter notices a suspicious car, which was waiting for them full of armed men inside.
Rico’s reaction? Draw his gun (Beretta?) and start firing into the vehicle.
We never knew if anyone got injured or killed, but they did leave and that’s what matters.
More ammo allows you the luxury of putting down range a certain limited amount of suppressive fire, enough to brake contact in some cases. Doing this with a revolver leaves you with an empty gun soon, but with an auto you can put one round per second against them for 10 seconds, and still have 5 or 6 left if more problems arise or if you need more accurately placed shots.
More ammo means more options, more possibilities, more chances of making it through.
No, in no way does it replace awareness and training, but if you have those, more ammunition gives you more options to work with if the situation calls for it.

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