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Mr. Smith

I seem to be the focus of living on some average when it comes to life threatening event.

Please re read post #18

"You have again played right into FerFAL and his continued crusade for high capacity handguns. I see the wisdom of Mr Benzene, Mr Raimius, Mr Meyer, and Mr Raytracer. HOWEVER, gentleman in your rush to agree with FerFAL you overlooked the true issue. Is the data that supports officer involved shooting "and it is current data" valid in relation to civilian shooting incidents? The answer is no, ...."

I am having a private debate with a man on a public forum because he is not willing to post his e-mail address and is not what he professes to be. I know that this method is wrong and I apologize.

However, what I was hoping for is that someone would know that this myth presented by NYPD is a classic case of "RANGE DRILLS DEFINING LIFE ON THE STREET" 3 or 4 shots per perp, was the training drill taught in officer survival at the range. In a nut shell "shoot 2 evaluate your target, shot 2 more", ring a bell! NYPD was not gathering data on real life events, they were gathering data on the effectiveness of their firearms training. Of course the average will equal 4 if you are taugt to deliver a basic response of 4 rounds!!!!

The point is that anyone whom professes to be "on the job" or work in the field knows this is a classic error, right along with the poor folks in Hollister looking for the brass bucket. At yet all that was talked about was My guns bigger and I carry more ammo! or incessant yapping about averages. So, for those who professes to be "on the job" or work in the field, I suggest a little re-read, Street Survival documents this well, or perhaps we aren't what we say we are, right Mr. Meyer!

Sorry when I first checked aboard this site I was told it was serious, so tell me when do we get past 101 my gun is best. John Browning solved the problem of firepower in pistols for FerFAL before my time, guess this isn't the right place for me.

So Long & Be safe
First, with the most, WINS!
Regards, Scattergun Bob
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