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Just thinking about averages.

So far, I've met two sharks in my first thirty dives... no monsters, the biggest was an 8 footer, but that still trumps the average.

I've had close encounters with a water moccasin and a rattlesnake.

I've had fairly close-up looks at a lot of 10 and 12 foot alligators (luckily, I was in a canoe at those times, not swimming).

My mother once got chased by a moose.

My father was wakened from a nap outside by a black bear.

My family seems to have a knack for running into problems that are outside of statistical norms. Ergo, I tend to try to prepare for Murphy. This means that when I carry, I do carry a spare mag.

Murphy could gift me with multiple B/G's, or a single magazine failure.


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