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No Glen you are Wrong

The report that I brought forward in #3 does not suggest that only 3 or 4 rounds were fired. It suggests that gunfights are fluid and that each shot string measure 3 or 4 shots. every time a lag occured such as a reload or movement it was measued as a new incident. I thought you knew what you were talking about!

What a foolish statement to make, "It's very simple and not a question answered by blood and lives. " This is all about blood and lives, numbers are there only because blood stains paper!

You still choose to avoid the issue of your self conceived reality being a better meter than the flawed data you are suspect of. You choose to ignore the the flame you wrote to ignite this discussion, it is not for me to explain this report and what it demonstrates to such a superior statistician as your self, but as I said in my second note IT DOES NOT APPLY TO CIVILANS AND THAT IS CLEAR.

I guess enlightenment is a ways away.
First, with the most, WINS!
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