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In general this question was answered before our time!

To FerFAL,

After rereading my last note to you, I decided to step back a bit. You asked a question in a certain light and I tried to explain to you how this data was gained. Is it relevant to us, this part of you question I did not answer, other that to say no it is not.

I said to you that the issue was old and stale, I did not take into account that perhaps it has not been a discussion you have been involved with over a great length of time, My Statement is drawn from 30 years of debate, and in my opinion the CZ-75 and the Browning Hi-power answered the question of firepower perhaps before our times. It in no way meant to imply that your thoughts were not relevant.

Please don't mistake my lack of information, "I never say what I carry" or brake the "never supply your potential enemy with anything, material or intelligence" rule as a indicator that I carry less out of some other convenience, NOTHING TAKES PRESIDENCE OVER MY SAFETY OR THE SAFETY OF MY CREW! It sounds like you also TAKE your safety seriously.

I share the quote below that I wrote 28 years ago with you only to say that I believe that we will live or not on decisions made before battle, your point is well and clear there. But, beyond that combat will be won or lost on other things besides what gun and how much ammo.

"Once the combat envelope wraps its' cold clammy arms around you, there is more than enough to think about besides how your weapon works, what condition of readiness IT IS IN, or where it shoots to."

I was hoping that this forum would be the place to have discussions outside of guns and ammo, "that just costs money", my constant interjection into this thread was frustration and never getting past guns and ammo.

Best to you, I'll leave you be.
First, with the most, WINS!
Regards, Scattergun Bob
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