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I have not yet shot with my Harris, but I've had it attached and played with it and looking forward to getting it out. Unless it's the worst thing in the world, I think I will like it. My reason being, I've tried shooting sticks and a monopod. One of the big drawbacks of these are that, unless you can brace them into the ground somehow, they are in a lot of ways only as stable as you are. You are stabilizing one point against motion in one direction. Wherever you have your rifle braced the gun will not move up or down from there. However, a monopod can rock left and right and back and forth, two sticks will still at least rock back and forth, and the rifle can still pivot in 3 dimensions around that point. A bipod seems like a much better means of resisting some of those sources of imprecision. The rifle may still be subject to rotational twitches, but translational movement should be all but eliminated.
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