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Bipod or Stix - Experienced Opinions Sought

Hello All,

In T-minus 9 days, I'll be receiving my Browning Stalker, A-Bolt, 270. I'm tremendously excited.

I've been researching (reading on this site) people's comments about bipods and shooting stix.

As is frequently the case in internet research, one can become overloaded with the Ford vs. Chevy syndrome.

I like the idea of not having a bipod continually connected to my rifle, but the notion of reaching into a backpack and/or sheath and pulling out stix which unfold seems both time consuming and noisy. I'm imagining tent poles that are shock corded, making that click, click, click sound as they come together. I read one post where that sound spooked the animal.

So, I'd appreciate hearing from folks who use the stix. Is it fluid, and quiet? Finally, should I care whether they are camo versus matte black? In my case, my rifle is black and stainless, so it seems the extra $ for camo isn't worth it.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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