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some of you guys are crazy.. LOL.. There is a reason that county issues a "hunting and target only" wich only allows you to have it in the car with you while traveling to and from hunting/range.. most LEO's will certainly not like to findout you have one loaded, let alone on your body..
This contradicts what I have received from reliable sources... the gun club I belong to, a SCPD officer who is knowledgeable on the topic. The gun shop owner where I buy my pistols also told me the same thing with an ATF agent standing there nodding her head. That is - when traveling to/from the range (i.e. in accordance with the restrictions of your hunting/target permit) that permits acts as a full concealed carry. In other works, you can have your pistol loaded and concealed on your person.

I cannot find anything in the law or Suffolk County rule booklet that contradicts this. I am no expert on the topic, so feel free to point out any reference to prove me wrong.

Keep in mind, however, that this "CCW loophole" is not all it seems. The ranges that I know of are cold - so where are you going to unload before you enter the range? Also, according to current SCPD rules, you can't stop between home and range - so technically, you can only carry in your car and the range's parking lot.
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