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I had an unrestricted CCL from an upstate county for years. If you keep your nose clean for 18 months you may be able to have the conditional restrictions lifted by the issuing judge, or another judge that issues. The restrictions are the machinations of the judge's discretion. The restrictions are just the judges way of showing his/her power to you who dare to go through the process. A neighboring county had a real jerk for an issuing judge for years, and he was finally disbarred; the judges that succeeded him were much more lenient toward the gun owning public. Take some good advice from the voice of experience; stay on the butt smooching good side of your significant other; all it takes is for her to say that she's afraid of you and your permit and guns are history like right now, you dig? All it takes is a DV complaint whether founded or not and they yank your stuff. And you NEVER get it back.
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