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Simply being aware of the weaknesses and how to work around them, and knowing the strengths and how to exploit them, is sound advice.
Both are mechanical objects that have various positives and negatives. As soon as I find the perfect gun that does everything super well, with no compromises I will let you all know.
These are the fundemantal issues that everyone must remember while discussing any kind of handgun. But instead of that most people are speaking like;

My (insert brand here) ROCKS!

Your (insert other brand here) SUCKS!
My own comment for the P7 is

The BEST manual of arms invented is on the P7. A single lever, cocks, decocks, releases the slide and acts as a drop safety. And it's all ambidextrous.

The only shooters that require "special training" are the ones who are un-learning old habits.
Even Jeff Cooper likes the P7.
Even Colonel likes it, so.
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