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A nice .22 rifle should always be someone's first rifle. It can be closely followed by a more powerful rifle, of course, but the low (actually near non-existent) recoil, low noise, and affordability means that not only can you practice without breaking the bank, but you will enjoy it.

CZ makes a nice .22 rifle. Don't know if you get them in Australia, or the cost there, though. Savage makes a decent bolt action rifle, too. (I don't know if you are allowed to own a semi .22LR, I am not familiar with your laws).

Edit- I looked at the link to Bankstown Gun Shop- they charge 520 dollars for a Mossberg Plinkster? (those are around $100 US dollars here in the United States). And $30 for a bulk pack of .22LR ammunition? That goes for $11 here.
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