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Prestige Law Enforcement

Long story condensed as short as possible:
  • Purchased holographic sight from this business at local gunshow on January 5
  • Discovered next day that sight was broken and would not adjust for windage or elevation as it should
  • Contacted seller via email through website twice, but received no response (
  • Called retailer via phone February 1, left message describing problem (
  • Received return call February 5 from retailer, and he agreed to replace sight if I shipped it back
  • Called retailer February 14 and left message that I was shipping sight
  • Received call February 15, and I informed retailer that I was going to prepay the return shipping so that he could quickly ship out new sight replacement
  • Shipped sight February 20 which was received by retailer February 22 per UPS tracking number 1Z1E442F0379994276

And the moral of the story is that five weeks, two emails, and three phone calls later I have not had any contact from this retailer nor has my replacement been shipped. I feel I have been more than patient in this matter and even went the extra mile to prepay the return shipping, which turns out to have been wise so that I can verify that he never shipped the replacement. (If you are so inclined then you can verify for yourself by looking up the return tracking number 1Z1E442F0313327879. It shows that billing info was received 2/20, which is the date that I shipped the defective sight and paid for the return shipping which was included in the box.)

I have all but given up on this business, but figured I could at least spare others the hassle of having to deal with them. I would highly advise against purchasing anything from Prestige Law Enforcement ( If you're not an online shopper then you might also watch out for this business at gunshows which is where I purchased my sight. Hopefully this warning will help others avoid a similar situation.
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