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LEO firearms

This could be debated infinitum. But, a few points to consider.
How many rounds needed in police-perp shootings? NYPD SOP 9 studies showed average 2-3 rounds fired pre- switch to auto's, 5 - 6 after switch. Reloading was never an issue in police-perp shootings. Data show more polife ADs and "accidents" with auto's vs. revolvers. Military has different environment which clearly favors autoloaders, and less relevance of civilian bystanders getting hit - not the case with LEOs stateside.
The FBI has always been a "law" unto itself - first used 38 +P, then 9mm was "better", then 10 mm was better, now 40 cal? (How was 10 mm superior to the 45 ACP?)
If shot placement is good, outcome will likely be good. No one handgun cartridge (38 Spcl and up) has proven superior ability to terminate a confrontation.
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