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Amateurs study tactics...

...professionals study logistics.

Nearly all police issue firearms are purchased based on cost and what manufacturer's services come with 'em. Cop weapons tech training, etc. In any case, politics has more to do with procurement than anything else. Cost being the primary reason.
If LE went back to 6-shot K-frame model 10s with .38 Spl. +P ammo I don't think there would be any significant change in the gunfighting effectiveness of LE...
If I was tasked to establish a gendamerie somewhere, I'd choose stainless revolvers and parkerized shotguns....and I'd end up with whatever old AKs and pistols the low bidder provided.

Joking aside, I envy the officers who get to choose their own pistols off an approved list.

My department has a great program of annual inspections and armorer support but it seems like lots of expense and trouble when there are other departments that seem to get by with letting officers be responsible for their personal weapons.
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