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I just found two S&W revolvers that were in my late father's belongings. I know that they are commonly referred to as "lemon squeezers" due to the design, but I know nothing else about their age or possible value. Here's the information I have available on the two:

S&W Hammerless DAO .38 4" Barrel 5 shot Nickel - SN: 1830XX
- has not been kept in the cleanest/driest of conditions
- nickel is pitted...guesstimate of 75%
- rifling is not worn and very distinctive even though the barrel does not appear shiny inside

S&W Hammerless DAO .32 3" Barrel 5 shot Nickel - SN: 1645XX
- same conditions as above

Any feedback you might share with me as to the age and approximate value of these firearms would be most appreciated.

Thank you.
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