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TFL Group Purchase

Has anyone ever tried to get a discount by getting a large group of TFL members together to make a purchase? This is what I was thinking...

Lets say I want to purchase a stripped AR-15 lower. I start a thread requesting that serious interested TFL members express their desire to purchase. In the example of a lower, we vote on a lower brand (DPMS, Double Star, etc.). I contact the manufacturer with the most votes and discuss how many we would need to purchase to get a discount. Then I post on the original thread the price, minimum number of buyers required, and a cut-off date. All interested buyers would be responsible for contacting the manufacturer/distributor with their order. The buyer would provide a form of payment and advise the retailer that they are a part of the TFL group. If, by the cut-off date, enough TFL members have contacted the manufacturer, our payments are processed and the lowers are shipped.

Has anyone tried this or am I just dreaming? Here are the hurdles as I see them...
  1. To get a good discount, we would have to get a LOT of serious buyers together. 20...50...100?
  2. We would have to agree on a manufacturer. In my example there are several quality lowers, but getting a majority to agree on one brand may be difficult.
  3. People would have to follow through.
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