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Subscription problems ...

I recently renewed my International Subscription, via Paypal, on the 11th/12th of Feb. However, since then, I have received 2 copies of both the March & April issues of SWAT.

On the 29th of Feb., I sent an email to [email protected]m to notify someone what had happened. I never received a reply, but didn't follow it up as I assumed it was just a 1 off hiccup. Unfortunately, the Postman has just dropped off 2 copies of the April issue.

The Name, Address & Code that are printed on the packaging slightly differs on the 2, so I'm assuming my Renewal was accidentally mistaken as a new Subscription (probably from a mistake on my part filling out the renewal form).

Is there anyone here I can PM my personal details to help sort this out? or should I try an alternate email address? I'd call, but international time-zones & work hours arn't the most accommodating!

Any help someone could lend would be appreciated.


oh yeah ... Great mag! Have been a subscriber for about 2 years now. Best magazine I've ever read, and the only 1 I've ever bothered subscribing to. Guess it's a good thing when the only problem I've ever had is receiving multiple copies All the best!
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