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In marine corp boot camp in 1960 I was issued a brand new IH Garand. We did not get M14 until 1965. At the range I could not qualify and I tried very hard with a DI screaming he was going to kill me. He finally tried my rifle, looked at it and said IH should stick to tractors. He got me a very used springfield, pitted barrel and I shot expert everytime we fired for qualifaction as long as I had this rifle.

Your experience with a bad IHC just proves the exception to the rule.

Most original IHC's came from the factory with an LMR barrel, which are widely regarded as probably the most accurate GI production M1 barrel ever made. Many National Match M1's were built up with LMR barrels.

It's a sure thing that every rifle maker puts out the unintentional lemon now and again.... It sure looks like you were issued one back then....


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