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Springfield Armory's Red Carpet Service...

Last week, I took some time from my busy work schedule to visit Springfield Armory. Having to already be in OT mode at work, I was going to have to make up the time I took from work to visit. My frame of mind is this better be worth the trip. Needless to say, it was...

I gave them a call the day before mentioning that I had a couple of glitches on my Loaded. Loose ambi safety and a grip panel screw froze to the insert. Instead of fumbling around with fixing it myself, I thought I'd take advantage of the warranty. Plus, I had other "evil" thoughts brewing. Maybe I "need" to take along my XDs....hee,heee.

The minute I pulled up, the red carpet came rolling out. Meghan came into the lobby and listened intently to my babble. She gladly took the Springer and asked if I had time to wait a bit....."What?". She said if I had time to wait a few minutes, I'd have my gun back in short order. Ummm...OK. But then, my gears started to turn...

"How about some upgrades?" One swift page from the front desk person and out comes Jeremy in Sales...

Long story short, I got a short match grade trigger installed with the pull smoothed out to a crisp 3.5-4lb pull. Then, the meat and potatoes....

I gave them both of my XDs to have the triggers worked over to the same lb. pull. The takeup, overtravel, and reset shortened to 1/8" ea. They are almost geared up to provide grip texture treatment. But, in the meantime they are sending the frames out to Robar for them to provide their magic touch.

Since my .40 has the older finish, I was contemplating on having some type of refinishing done. I don't have any rust or wear issues, just wanted to make a preemptive stike on getting it done for my own personal taste. So, Jeremy talked me into having it Armory Koted. From what I understand, it's similar to Dura Kote, but even tougher of a finish. Hey, why not. It's going to be 3 to 4 weeks until Robar is finished with them anyway. Why not get it on the .40?

The folks at Springfield provided very courteous and responsive service thus far. When I get my guns back, I'll post a follow-up on the results of the complete package from speed of service to quality of smith work.

So far, I think most people already know what I'll be writing in a couple of weeks....
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