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I'm basically posting to say kiss my #$%.

I'm happy you shoot benchrest. Have fun doing so.

If I had a rifle that was only capable of 1 MOA, it'd go in the cheap sheet-metal safe with the surplus stuff...
1 moa at 1000 yds (which is a USMC snipers qualification distance) Equals being able to hit an 11" ring. Last time I looked, the vitals of a human is bigger than 11". 1 moa is all an M40 is required to hold to be serviceable. If you would chuck it in the sheet metal pile... well you would go to war without a gun.

Plus you know what??? I won't shoot with you for money, but I will go against you in a sniper contest any time you please. About 1/100 of being a sniper is understanding the round and pulling the trigger consistently. Mind you we don't have the "250 yd line", or LRFs. We actually need to know how to use the mil reticle to range find and make a 1st round shot, along with knowing how to stalk, knowing many other things that pertain to infantry also (radio, basic reporting, CFF, CAS, controlling the UAVS, etc.), not sleeping for 3 days, laying in your own piss and S*%t, knowing how to not be comprimised, that sort of stuff.

But for every one of those, you're gonna find a bunch who are of the "hold the thing and keep cranking that finger until you run out of bursts" school of thinking...
I'm telling you flat out you are wrong. Maybe you were in the service, I don't know. I do know you weren't in war with infantry Marines in my company. Everyone in my squad, save for 2, were very reliable and very capable marksmen. BTW, It's easy to shoot at paper when you aren't getting shoot at -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-. You try hearing an AK burst fly by you (BTW bullets don't go "zing") and shooting at the muzzle flash.

1 moa is lethal at 1000 yds. A boresnake will not turn a .5 moa rifle into a 1 moa rifle in 5 passes or 500 passes. If you care so much about a bench competition that you slander the men that go and get shot at daily to make yourself feel good, then you can kiss my arse.

BTW, I changed my mind. I will shoot with you for money if we get to double down on fighting.
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