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Replying long but please.. take time.. ty pax

So I have contacted Pax (from this forum: she is GREAT!!!) and many other forums... I have really small palms and normal trigger finger length....
Before I begin this: in looking for a gun I set 3 criteria:
1. FITS MY HAND: listed what I wanted and what I would settle for.
2. I WILL CARRY (because what is the best gun you can have...the one that you have when you need it.)I like to carry in the small of my back.
3. ONE TO SHOT IN THE IDPA (my husband is a member: who better to have my back, thus who better to have his?)
With that said I will indicate the # 1 #2 or #3 the gun that I tried I will () (#1, #2, &/or #3-if they DON’T MEET THIS CRITERIA:
• I have been carrying a S&W .38 +P revolver Ultra-lite sub nose.... The SIZE was GREAT...the FIT was okay (#1) (still hit my knuckle of my thumb-{this is my husband's pocket rocket}) and the RECOIL was CORRECTABLE (#3) (but and forget the +P) to a certain extent. With that said before I bought my Love I shot a Walther P99... very smooth.. still big... (#1) and a random single stack .45..not so bad recoil and decent with the grip (still couldn't reach everything) (#1 & #2)
• So I went to my local gun shop the first one was not every lady friendly(went with my husband)... the 2nd was much better (i went alone) I went in with my list (of 7) they had 4 of them.
• I tried the S&W M&P with the interchangeable grips I loved the small (the guy was not thrilled with changing it but YOU ARE BUYING AN EXPENSIVE ITEM!!! You are not a king but come on...) (#2 GRIP SAFETY)
• I also tried a Taurus 1911, single stack .45- WAY TOO HEAVY (#2)
• I just feel in love with the Springfield XD9 Subcompact.... I just want you small handed folks to know though I just bought the last one in a 2 county area in north Georgia. None of the distributors know when they will get anymore.... sorry. NOW.... Oh my Gosh....this gun... after a 100 rounds 1st my hand didn't hurt 2nd my aim was right on 3rd heavy enough to carry the recoil (along with the double spring) I am in LOVE!!!
I know this is forum is old and I know this entry is long but if any of you have any questions (ladies I am tried and true about the gentlemen the sell guns to gentlemen. We must know what we are talking about to be heard.) Contact me here if you have more questions.
Thank you for your knowledge and I hope I can help ~G
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