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James K
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There are two pistols there and I don't know which one you mean. If you are talking about the commercial Steyr-Hahn (Steyr Hammer) pistol with the adjustable sight, it definitely is of interest and should bring a much higher price than the more common military model marked "08". That one was refinished after conversion to 9mm Luger by the Germans in WWII. ("08" indicates that it uses the Model 1908 cartridge, the German military designation of what we call the 9x19 or 9mm Luger. The marking was put on to prevent confusion with unaltered guns that would take the 9mm Steyr, a longer cartridge.)

Those guns load through the top using a "stripper" clip. Fortunately the clips are available as otherwise loading is a PITA.

I would say around $600 on the commercial model, $450 for the "08".

Jim K
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