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Well, since Boris knows all about rifle accuracy and soldiering and all that, it's a shame he's not going to read this...

I shoot benchrest. If bore snakes were effective in cleaning a rifle, they'd be used. We've got -maybe- a half hour to clean -and- precision-handload the rounds for our next record target. And some matches run faster - I think the directors are trying to get home faster...

As for referring to the poor slobs who schlep the rifles in the field, many of whom can't shoot worth a darn, even if their uniforms do have combat infantry badges? I give you luminaries such as Ernie Pyle, and Bill Mauldin as literary references. Many soldiers, even after intensive training, just kinda point in the general direction of kinda sorta where they think the bad guys might be. That's why the guys in the Pentagon seem to think that having the ability to throw a whole lot of bullets is a good thing. They're not all that concerned with aiming or accuracy - they're concerned with reliability. Yeah, there's some marksmen. Guys who actually aim. But for every one of those, you're gonna find a bunch who are of the "hold the thing and keep cranking that finger until you run out of bursts" school of thinking... And you're also going to have folks out there who do not want to... who cannot... kill. But they're still there.

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