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Boris Bush
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Anti-Boresnake guys have yet to prove they destroy accuracy. Over a long peroid of time and in actual use here and half way around the world, my M4 has had thousands of rounds through it and more than 1000 passes of a boresnake.

It still shoots exactly like it did when I first got it. Right smack in the middle of 1-2 MOA. 1.2-1.7 to be exact.

Sorry guys, you will have a hard time telling the end users that it will destroy accuracy. It just doesn't happen.

As for some coments made about our soldiers. You have no clue what war is like, obviously. I think of my brothers on the memorials and think of someone carving slob next to their name. typing it here is just one step away from doing exactly that.

bye bye bogie. I love ignore lists...........
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