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Moot point. What stops that cleaning patch you put on the jag, or the projectile when you fire the rifle, or the bore brush will push that tiny chunk of rock just as a bore snake will.
No, it's not, moot point that is. The difference is that the solid cleaning rod is pushing a patch/jag/brush through a barrel, with the tip hardware IN FRONT OF the rest of the rod. A bore snake must be dropped down the barrel AHEAD OF the patch or brush. That's when it can pick up abrasives already in the barrel. Those abrasive bits can never reliably be cleaned from the rope, so they're there to wear the rifling/crown from then on.

What happens when a rod is pushed through the bore and the brush or patch holder or jag clears the muzzle.
The best instructions I've read say to not let that happen. How? You carefully push the first patch to the end of the barrel, then mark the rod where it enters the bore guide. Patches are changed after coming out of the bore guide. A brush has to come out of the barrel further to let the bristles reverse.
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