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force on force scenarios

Quote from Lurper: "This is the problem with FOF and sims. Unless the environment is strictly monitored, you can't get a realistic result. You cannot predict nor simulate the effect being hit has on an attacker. Additionally, the player's mindset is to get the other guy. In civilan confrontations, this is usually not the case. The vast majority of civilian encounters do not result in death. That means the assailant usually stops the fight and flees or surrenders when shots are fired. This is a point that cannot be overlooked. A lot of doctrine is based on bad or false theses. The assumption that the assailant must be killed to stop the fight for example."

Proper exercise design is critical in order for any conclusions that you reach in such training to be potentially valid. It's easy to overthink scenarios, to make them unrealisticaly complicated, or to design scenarios so that they reinforce your pre-conceived notions.

(We just did some training earlier this evening on high risk vehicle stops with a couple of new officers still in field training. One of the supervisors involved did not stick to the script and added her own "improvements" that detracted from the value of the exercise. This has happened before, and I've made an issue of it before, without any change resulting.)

The issue of lateral movement is like a lot of other tactical issues -- very few things are always/never propositions. You have to evaluate different theories and determine for yourself what makes sense and what does not, within the context of your situation, and then test out your conclusions in training.

Oftentimes there are multiple valid methods to solve any given tactical problem -- circumstance may dictate the "best" solution for that particular incident.
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