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those rifles still hold their required 1 moa
If I had a rifle that was only capable of 1 MOA, it'd go in the cheap sheet-metal safe with the surplus stuff...

There are PROPER ways to clean rifles. And there are FIELD EXPEDIENT ways to clean rifles. Yeah, the bore snake is all tacticool, and everything, and I suppose that one would be okay with limited use, but all you guys who are saying that it, and the Otis bit, are the end-all-be-all of rifle cleaning are mistaken.

Frankly, the average military rifle doesn't -need- MOA accuracy. The poor slobs who are carrying them just aren't that good.

HOWEVER, if I was an armorer and I had an M40/21/whatever in my care, and it was being handed to someone they call a "sniper," I'd be on the phone to Shilen if it handed me anything less than 0.5 MOA.

You care for your gear, and your gear cares for you.

Joe Grunt doesn't need MOA at 75 yards. Sam Sniper needs a heckuva lot better than that at 500.

And I -will- shoot accuracy with you for money.
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