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Would someone please explain to me why it is so damn taboo on this forum to recommend getting quality training! Common sense my butt! I have trained with, against and gone into combat with people with the best training and outstanding common sense. On the whole, excellent training beats out common sense.
The "common sense solves all" crowd always uses this excuse b/c:
1) No one is going to tell them anything about tactics, techniques, and procedures. Common sense, through the miracle of ESP, should tell you that.
2) There are actually people out there who do this for a living, and gulp, are BETTER THAN YOU.
3) It may sound too tactcal, and therefore controlled by .gov and its nefarious agents.

What the hell is so common about getting shot at? Unless you train for the worst, and have tested your abilities, you're really just kidding yourself about what you can and will do.
Life's tough. But it's tougher when you're stupid.
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