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Two observations:

1. There are no instances where a LEO surrendered his (her) weapon and the villian let them go free. They have all been killed or a serious attempt made to kill them.

2. There are no instances where villians have 'herded' employees and patrons into a back room and then left without further action. Typically the people are killed, sometimes raped prior to killing.

A good man with whom I worked was murdered by being shot in the back at an ATM late last week. He offered no resistance other than trying to flee.

My own considered opinion is fully cooperating and surrendering to an assailant or armed aggressor is unmitigated folly and will only benefit the aggressor. (Which is not to say one can't feign cooperation in order to gain a tactical advantage.) I will resist; violently if need be.

TexasSeaRay, "Shouldn't bring a finger to a gun fight" is a most enlightened concept. Or I have phrased the sentiment, "He nearly scared me to his death."
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