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International Harvester Co. M1 Garand w/Marlin barrel

Yes, and it's spelled

Garand ...

During WWII Marlin filled a spares order for barrels; these were blue, much like the Gillette razor blades of the time, hence, "blue Marlin."

The early '50's Marlin barrels were Parkerized. I have one. IHC's barrel supplier, Line Material Co., never had a barrel problem. However, Springfield Armory (the real one, not the commercial company in IL that has appropriated the name) itself had a batch of bad barrels, hence you will find SA, LMR (Line Material), Marlin, and Buffalo Arms barrels on early Springfield and IHC Garands. They are by no means common, however.

Your barrel will probably have a date on the right side, visible with the operating rod open.


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