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In your research, how many cases did the survivors/victors actually positively state they did not move? How many cases was it not mentioned in definitive terms?
Excellent question. But the point is also moot. I am not nor have I ever contended that people don't (or even shouldn't move). What I have said repeatedly is that in the vast majority of cases, the person who hits their target first prevails. Therefore, the ability to hit the target qucikly is the single most important skill to develop. Additionally, if movement burns up time that you should be shooting, don't move. Hell, if you can pick your nose before you shoot and it doesn't use up any shooting time, pick away! But if it uses up even a couple of tenths of a second in which you should be shooting, it's not worth it.

This is why it is necessary to make a distinction between those who move due to fear or reaction and those who move because they are trained to.

This really isn't a new idea. People as far back as Fairbairn and farther have been pointing it out. Gunfighting hasn't changed. Tactics have, but gunfighting hasn't. As long as we use firearms, it probably won't. Hitting your target first will continue to be the biggest factor in determining who wins.
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