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Here ya go. This shows it all. To me it's a no-brainer.
Make up your own minds as to - what to do when confronted with death.

Below: evan demonstrating the 'move off the X':

Below: Lurper demonstrating the 'stand and deliver':

Evan's move off the X - while shooting - shows a shooter bladed to the threat.....effectively reducing his overall size by about half 'and' covering part of the shooter's left side with the arm. Makes sense to me.
Obviously, a smaller moving target is harder to mortally hit than a stationary, stand and deliver target. Especially for an untrained shooter.

In comparison, stand and deliver provides a non-moving, double wide target.

But then, I've known this stuff for over forty years. :)
First off.....'she' is a weapon, not a girlfriend;
a genderless, inanimate mechanism designed to mete out mayhem in life threatening situations.
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