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Would you still have those times from a real world holster and drawn from concealment?
Or without the countless hours working to reach a Master level shooter.

One is a reaction to the situation, the other is an action based on a doctrine in which you have been trained. Big difference - especially in the context of this thread.

I totally disagree with this. You are either going to need to move or you are not going to need to move. Training for both "situations" is the only way to go. If is dogma! When the action is fast and you are behind in the reactionary curve, you will be working at the subconscious level. If your subconscious mind chooses to move, then you will be moving. If you have not trained to shoot on the move then you are not prepared for the situation that has arisen.

It is not either/ is both.
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts
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