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No way in hell I'm going into the back office either. I own a restaurant. If someone tried to "herd" me into the cooler, I'd assume they are going to kill me. This happened in a Wendy's up in New York quite a few years back. I think about 6 people were killed.

I'm with Thesenator on this one... If he says he has a gun, I'm going to assume he does. Ooops... He was bluffing??? TFB... Too Friggin Bad!


A restaurant owner fully complied with a robber down here in Miami. After he gave up the money, the robber shot him in the face. He had no friggin rhyme or reason to. Gang initiations often require pledges to kill someone. Sorry... but I bust my hump to be a positive member of society. If some punk gets killed for holding up a place... Too bad.
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