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In my experience with a shot timer, I'm equally as fast drawing and shooting from a stationary platform as I am from moving and shooting, at least within 5 yards or so.
Good job evan. Outstanding demonstration!

Since there is no legitimate data that supports 'not' moving....I say use your common sense and your inborn reactions to an attack – move. The average attacker is untrained and will find a moving, shooting target much harder to hit.

Your video at clearly shows the advantages of moving off the X.
(a picture is worth a thousand words)

You move off the X and shoot the 'stand and deliver', stationary target in two seconds or less. (2 shots to the body, 2 shots to the head)
I wouldn't want to be that stationary target.

Even if you were shot through the heart you would still be very able to kill the 'stand and deliver', stationary target.
First off.....'she' is a weapon, not a girlfriend;
a genderless, inanimate mechanism designed to mete out mayhem in life threatening situations.
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