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Then explain why fishing rod guides are now mostly made of ceramic? The old STEEL guides would be grooved by the nylon line,(monofilament).
That is completely out of context with this conversation. You're refering to reels with I would say at least 100' of line, being constantly thrown and reeled back in, fighting fish which puts a small portion of stress, and... here's the kicker... it takes tens of thousands of casts with the line rubbing a very small concentrated area to make a little groove. I think most people here are talking about snaking a barrel 5 times or so a couple of times a month or less.

Something that was designed to withstand 30,000+ lbs of pressure, to include a precise fitting copper coated projectile traveling with tremendous friction at speeds of 2800 fps, isn't going to wear out because we pulled a piece of loose-mesh nylon rope with a brush built into it down the bore once in awhile.

More rifles have been damaged by improper cleaning than by leaving them dirty. Modern fire arms just don't need to be cleaned as often as most people do.
I would say you are just plain wrong... but I'm not sure how many individuals are out there that dig and gouge in their chambers and punch from the muzzle with crappy fitting 3 piece rod sets. THAT can damage a rifle over time. More rifles have suffer accuracy problems from pitted rust and copper fouling from 10 years ago, than have been ruined by running a boresnake through the rifle.
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