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I use bore snakes for .22 rimfires which seldom leave copper fouling in significant quantities and occasionally for my centerfire firearms. The centerfires get a good brushing on a regular basis with a quality brush/solvent and a good rod.

As long as you keep the bore snake clean it will not cause undue wear on the rifle bore. Modern powders and barrels are much better than they were 50 years ago. Powders burn cleaner then before and barrels are made of better steel.

For what it is worth, concerning fishing rods: I troll Lake Ontario with braided steel wire on my dipsy rods. Everyone and his brother told me that my ceramic rod guides would be worn out in a short order. I even bought twilli tips for the rods but never installed them, I figured I would install them once the factory tips wore out...

Three seasons later the guides are still fine.....LOL....after hundreds of hours of seven strand stainless wire rubbing on the guides.

The twilli tips are still sitting on my workbench where I left them in 2005.
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