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. . . your point is that if you move off the X, your first shot speed will be slower than if you just remained planted and drew and fired.
Actually, my point is this: in spite of what many of the trainers say or train, there is no evidence that moving off of the X does anything to increase the likeliehood that you will prevail in a gunfight. There is however much evidence that shows the person who hits first usually prevails.

If you can use the time it takes for you to draw to move, then move. But don't use the time you should be shooting for moving. That is the first problem with movement. The second is that IMO (keeping in mind my background), shooting while moving costs you accuracy. I can shoot better than most people (on the move or otherwise) and I still would choose to plant and shoot. The trade off of time for making yourself harder to hit isn't worth it. Primarily because at typical distances the amount of time you can move within the space allowed does not really make you harder to hit.

Finally, keep in mind that part of the reason for the research is to develop a training method/doctrine that is useful for the majority of CCW holders. The crowd that pays for all of the fancy training is a small minority of not just CCW'ers, but the shooting community as a whole. The typical person involved in an armed confrontation has little or no training and uses no tactics, yet survives. So if there is one thing to make people understand it is: "hitting the target quickly is the single most important skill to develop." Note that I didn't say the "only" skill to develop.
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