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Lurper, Thanks for all your posts in this thread. They've been very helpful in addressing my initial question. I have another question for you though...It seems like, and correct me if I'm wrong, that your point is that if you move off the X, your first shot speed will be slower than if you just remained planted and drew and fired. I agree with what you've said and what the shooting data seems to indicate; that the first to fire is usually going to be the victor. If its possible to move and not loose time on the initial shot, nor loose accuracy causing a miss, wouldn't it be benificial to move off the X, though?

In my experience with a shot timer, I'm equally as fast drawing and shooting from a stationary platform as I am from moving and shooting, at least within 5 yards or so.
Heres a short clip of me shooting while moving to my strong side (2 shots to the body, 2 shots to the head):

If I had to shoot from 10 yards and out, I would probably plant and shoot so as not to miss any of my shots.
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