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Aren't victims often ambushed in just this manner?
That depends on how you define "ambushed". In the loose sense, most are ambushed in that they are not expecting a gunfight. On the other hand, most of the incidents that take place in the home (and a good portion at work) unfold slowly enough that the "victim" has already reached condition orange.

. . . everyone moves at the sight of a gun. I will state if you aren't moving you probably won't live through it.
Again, the data doesn't support either statement. Also, moving when you see a gun is different than moving off of the X. One is a reaction to the situation, the other is an action based on a doctrine in which you have been trained. Big difference - especially in the context of this thread.

As is typically the case, as soon as one source comes to a conclusion, others soon follow. Here is a quote from an article just written by Dave Spaulding:

The history of gun fighting for more than a century has shown that the person that lands the first solid hit will usually win the confrontation.
Expect to see more as more people begin to question the efficacy of some of the doctrines forwarded by industry "experts".
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