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Some of you guys make me laugh. It is a physical impossibility for nylon to wear away at a STEEL barrel UNLESS it's under a severe amount of force/pressure. I'm talking severe pressure as in well past anything achievable by a human being. It's just not gonna happen. Consider water. It can be used to cut tough material like steel, though it generally requires 30,000psi or more to do so. Bore Snakes work well for their intended purpose (a quick and easy way to clean). I use them about 80-90% of the time and a regular rod/brush/patch combo the other ~10% of the time. I usually shoot once a week or every other week and will use the BS after each time, and maybe once a month I'll use a rod/brush/patch combo to get that last ~5% of fouling out of the barrel. I'm not wasting my time breaking out the cleaning kit and assembling components every single week just because I put a few rounds down range when a few seconds will get me a few passes with a Bore Snake that will effectively clear out 80-90% of the debris/fouling.
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