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CVS Robberies

So there have been a string of robberies at CVS stores in my area where the BG rounds up all the employees and patrons and makes them go into an office while he cleans out the registers and steals booze. He never displayed a weapon, but told everyone he had a gun and kept his hand up inside his coat sleeve.

I would like to address this question to those who have posted in the various "would you interrupt an armed robbery" threads saying that you would lay low and hope statistics work in their favor and the BG takes the money and runs. I'm not addressing these people because I think they are right or wrong, but rather I would like ask people who have shown they are very conservative in their decision to act.

Question: Would your decision to lay low and wait it out change if the BG started rounding up employees and patrons telling them to get in an office? What if you had an opportunity to hide or flee? As always, please explain.

The usual argument against taking action in a robbery is that its not worth endangering yourself or killing someone over "stuff". Do you think these actions would give you reason to believe it isn't just money and "stuff" on the line?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't turn this into the same old argument about whether or not to take action against a robber! I really just want to see how people who have a "stay out of it" mentality would treat this and if these circumstances differentiate it from a regular hold up robbery.
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