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For most people that read this... I would probably not use a boresnake in your sit.

Boresnakes (and otis) are excellent field cleaning tools. OTIS were issued for M40s in our Bt last time I was there. Amazing how everyone swears that "you can't use anything other than a brass or nylon coated one piece rod for a precision rifle..." but M40s (or any other military issued weapon) are cleaned to death with OTIS kits and 240 punch rods, yet they still hold their serviceable equipment required 1 moa.

For normal use, because I'm not deployed for 9 months or in the field for 3 weeks at a time anymore, I use the a 1 piece cleaning rod because It's of no burden to me. I do have a boresnake thats packed in my bugout kit though. Should Mexico invade (that's supposed to be a joke) and we are called to defend the homeland (finally) then I will have an effective field expedient tool to clean the bore of my rifle.

Boresnakes are not the worst thing you can do to your rifle barrel. Lack of cleaning and allowing the carbon/moisture/copper fouling to corrode your barrel is. Further, I fail to see how a thick nylon rope with a brush built into it will damage the crown of a rifle anymore than a cleaning rod with a brush, or a bullet for that matter. Especially if you punch the bore correctly (from the breech, not the muzzle).

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